The guild Achievement is a PvE and achievement hunting on the Horde side of Wyrmrest Accord. They raid Fridays and Saturdays at 5:30 – 8:30PM PST

Bren Blazefeather sat down with Lincoln (Torment in game) to find out more about their guild. 

BB: Why did you create your guild?

Lincoln: We founded Achievement on the core belief that people should never feel alone in an MMO. The GM and Co-GM were both tired of moving from guild to guild and constantly feeling like we didn’t quite fit and struggling to be included in content. We wanted to harbor an actual community where people felt like they belonged and were welcomed with open arms. Though at our core we are an Achievement hunting guild that focuses on overall collection completion, we strive to make a home for everyone in every aspect of the game.

BB: Why did you choose Wyrmrest Accord?

Lincoln: Wyrmrest Accord was the home server of the GM for many years, so it was the logical choice. It’s also a heavily horde driven with a fun and casual atmosphere in general.

BB: Is your guild strictly PvE or do you do other things too?

Lincoln: We dabble in a bit of everything, but mostly PvE content.

BB: What is your guild’s atmosphere like?

Lincoln: I would say we’re pretty laid back and friendly. Our guild members are in the 20 – 40 age range and we have a lot of players of different experience levels, so there’s always something interesting going on.

BB: What size is your guild currently?

Lincoln: At the time of this interview, we currently have 450 characters in the guild and 188 individual, unique accounts. Which isn’t too shabby considering we only started this guild in June!

BB: What classes/specs are you currently looking for?

Lincoln: Anything really. We just like having people around to play with. We’ll make it work. Right now, as it stands, we do seem to have a shortage of ranged players for shadowlands!

BB: What kind of personalities do you want for your guild?

Lincoln: Achievement is a great guild because everyone here is pretty friendly and willing to jump into content with anyone. I would just say you get back from this guild what you put into it. Players who are active and participate will find they thrive a lot better in achievement since our who guild is founded on a point-based participation system.

BB: Do you consider yourself a hardcore guild? A casual guild? Or something else?

Lincoln: We are pretty casual and laid back. We do like to touch on more challenging content like high level keys, heroic raids, and even mythic raiding, but it’s all about having fun together and enjoying the game in the long run.

BB: What kinds of PVE do you do?

Lincoln: Dungeons, Raids, Heavy emphasis on collection completion.

BB: What do you enjoy about PVE gameplay?

Lincoln: It’s easier to pick up and put down at a whim. Don’t feel like doing a certain type of content today, pick it up next week instead! There’s always people available to do PvE stuff!

BB: How long has your guild been around?

Lincoln: We founded Achievement on June 9th, 2019. Originally, we started on Alliance but eventually moved to Horde on June 1st, 2020.

BB: Do people have to be in your guild to raid with you?

Lincoln: They do NOT have to be in the guild to raid with us, however players in the guild always have priority over non-guild players.

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Bren Blazefeather
Bren Blazefeather is Editor in Chief of the Wyrmrest Gazette and covers Horde news around Azeroth. Discord: Bren#2939

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