Blackfang Militia

The guild Blackfang Militia is a PvP and PVE guild with RP on the side on Horde Wyrmrest Accord.

Bren Blazefeather sat down with Roseblade to find out more about their guild.

BB: Why did you create your guild?

Roseblade: I followed one guy wanting to make an RP/PvP guild.  We wanted a RP/PvP focused guild in a welcoming environment, and the server we were on had a community openly hostile towards RPers.  From day one the effort was to form a guild, but to move servers to do so.

BB: Why did you choose Wyrmrest Accord?

Roseblade: He chose the server, I merely followed.  I think for the RP friendly environment.  From day one we knew we were home.  The cities were full of RPers, and it had several large RP/PvP guilds already in place.  We knew the player base would support a RP/PvP guild

BB: Is your guild strictly PVP or do you do other things too?

Roseblade: Over time we drifted away from being a primary RP guild to be more content driven.  Around 3 years in our PvE fanatics formed us up a raid team.  Currently we are PvP & PvE yet once both efforts are firmly established, we start RP events as a secondary effort.  We support PVP and PVE in equal measure; we start hosting RP events after both efforts are strong.

BB: What is your guild’s atmosphere like?

Roseblade: We require respect in the ranks.  Genuinely nice people willing to help one another.  We try to keep everything in guild groups.  We formed the guild to counter the negative things we had experienced elsewhere, and the guild atmosphere was key.  A place where a brand-new player can ask any question at all and get help, not get mocked or cast aside.  An atmosphere where PvE and PvP shy players that were mistreated to the point they quit trying could try again—this time with nothing but support from their brothers and sisters.  We want all to feel they are “good enough” to step forward and volunteer into a group.  Any shortcomings they may have something we can help them on.  In return, they remember how others helped them, and help those coming after.

BB: What size is your guild currently?

Roseblade: We always hover at the max limit of 1K members.  We boot inactive players as required to gain new members but keep them for as long as we are able.  None should take a break and come back guildless, and we always have room for new to try.

BB: What classes/specs are you currently looking for?

Roseblade: We seek respectful players that wish to share fun together class ilvl nothing else matters.  That said, tanks and healers are always the prime need.  When asked what I look for- the best answer is a character that can mutli-spec.  Tank/Heal, Heal/DPS etc.  If you can swap roles without swapping characters, you are the strongest asset the group has.

BB: What kind of personalities do you want for your guild?

Roseblade: Outgoing social interactive people seem to fit best, but again—we’re happy w/ anyone that joins offering respect.  We are about welcoming everyone, encouraging others, and working together.

For RPers we prefer RPers that also PvE and/or PvP as we wish us all to grow in content first, then go RP to celebrate that after.  We are not so happy when the raid team is in need or a PvP effort needs help and players sit playing footsie with their “squeeze” in RP.  Poor showing in our book.  RP comes second.  The TRUE RP story is not pretending to be that hero, but in getting off your butt and going to be that hero.  RP is for after all brothers and sisters come home.

BB: What kinds of PVP do you do?

Roseblade: All.  We start in regular BGs & arenas and WPvP and work together until the team is strong enough to run rated battlegrounds.  We currently have 76 guild wins and have the guild goal set to reach 1,000.

BB: What do you enjoy about PVP gameplay?

Roseblade: I like that PvP and RP are the two aspects of wow that rely solely on interactions with other people.

BB: How long has your guild been around?

Blackfang Militia came to WRA on 12/29/2012 as the Blackfang Immortals.  Sadly within 6 months the original guild leader had to stop playing WoW, and the guild fell in my lap.  While I never wished to lead anything, the guild leader turned to me, the only person that came from our last server at his side.  Sadly, he quit without resetting the guild permissions, and none could run anything.  I was forced with the few remaining members (30 down to 6) to create a new guild so the Blackfang Militia came to life on 6/4/13.  I do not count these as separate.  The effort, the people, the ideologies all the same.  The Blackfang Immortals is still a guild for our alt characters to this day.

BB: Do people have to be in your guild to PVP with you?

Roseblade: For PvP we often coordinate with likeminded guilds for PvP efforts, especially in WPvP.  Our requirements for taking in outsiders used to be more open—until some players started acting as “spies” by joining the group and reporting to Alliance forces, and doing all they can to hinder the very group they are in when the fighting starts.  These days we keep a closer eye and are not so open to trust unknown players.

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Bren Blazefeather
Bren Blazefeather is Editor in Chief of the Wyrmrest Gazette and covers Horde news around Azeroth. Discord: Bren#2939

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