Jai’alator’s Vigil

The guild Jai’alator’s Vigil is a Kaldorei oriented roleplay guild on the Alliance side of Wyrmrest Accord. 

We sat down with Naelir Moonblade (/t Naelir) to find out more about their guild. 

AA: Around what times and days do you roleplay?

Naelir Moonblade: Currently the guild is EST focused although our times for events normally start around 5~6pm Server.

AA: What is the genre of your guild?

Naelir Moonblade: An Ancient Kaldorei focused order with a mixture of military, historic and religious influences on the varying events.

AA: Can you give me a brief rundown of your guild story?

Naelir Moonblade: The first Vigil of Jai’alator was led by the identical twin Keepers/Commanders Thenardor Moonshield and Thanador Moonblade. A group based within the Rooksguard that was dedicated to preserving Kaldorei history and religion. The order fell silent a few thousand years after the sundering. Fading to memory of those who served it or the families that carried on the traditions. Through text and voice the Vigil’s lessons were brought to life once more by Naelir Moonblade and Nythenas Moonrage. The current day Vigil is built out of the remains of Wings of Kalimdor, a Darnassian military unit that was disbanded due to funding and supply issues after the fall of Teldrassil, adding a third and so far the strongest pillar to the reborn vigil’s purpose. To protect the Kaldoeri people and their home, along with their history and religion.

AA: What kind of roleplay does your guild do?

Naelir Moonblade: As of current most of the events are RP focus, although we do casual RP around our guilds current HQ in Feralas from time to time and hope to bring a healthy balance of Event-Storyline RP and casual RP once Shadowlands goes live and brings more life into the game and community.

AA: How often do you roleplay?

Naelir Moonblade: We normally have at least one event per week, average be 2~3 per week as we do attend and occasionally host events with the Kaldorei of WRA Community and Kalimdor United as well.

AA: Do you do events?

We do storyline-based events for the guild, some being short campaigns of 2-3 events back to back, one-night spin offs, long campaigns and such when it comes to our guild’s storyline. We do host some community events as well, such as Shal’thorah a Kaldorei Martial Combat event hosted every 2 weeks with the support of the moderators of the Kaldoeri of WRA Discord.

AA: Do you do casual roleplay between events?

Naelir Moonblade: Indeed we do! It is currently on the back burner for most people since Shadowlands is drawing closer, but once it is upon us it will be returning to full swing.

AA: What kind of players are you looking for in your guild?

Naelir Moonblade: Anyone looking for a chill, no drama, RP focused guild based around Kaldorei and Kalimdor.

AA: Are there any special requirements for joining your guild?

Naelir Moonblade: There are no requirements really, the guild does primarily recruit Kaldorei buth other Kalimdor focused races can get in easily. Such as Draenei and Worgen, other Alliances races may join as well if it makes sense for their character. They will just have to go through additional questioning from the guild’s recruiters.

AA: How long has your guild been around?

Naelir Moonblade: The first variation of the guild, Wings of Kalimdor has been around since early legion. The Vigil was created in mid-2019 but was put on hiatus till early 2020 due to leadership having to depart the game for some time due to various IRL issues. We’ve returned roughly two-ish months ago from this break.

AA: Do you do any other types of gameplay besides roleplay or are you strictly a roleplay guild?

Naelir Moonblade: RP is our focus, but I myself enjoy raiding, dungeons and PvP content as well and highly suggest it to others. IF we get enough interest to pursue any PvE/PvP aspects in a more serious manner such as a guild raid or PvP team. We will by all means give it a shot, but most PvE/PvP content will be casual until then.

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Adie Azurewrath is the Alliance correspondent of the Wyrmrest Gazette. Feel free to send him in game mail with tips on events and other goings on around town that might be interesting.

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