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Remembrance of the Fallen


“In honor of those whose blood was shed to secure the survival of our people.
Though the Eternal Sun may set on our darkest day,
it rises again with coming of the dawn.”

Remembrance of the Fallen is a neutral roleplay memorial event on October 24th, 2020 at 6:30pm server time (pdt). This event is being hosted by the Thalassian Elves Network.

The event is planned to be about 1 and a half hours in length and the in game meeting location is Isle of Quel’danas in front of the graveyard.

While this event is for Sin’dorei, Ren’dorei, Half Elves, and Quel’dorei, other guests are also welcome to attend. 

There is a dress code for this event:

  • Sin’dorei: Red and Gold
  • Quel’dorei: Blue with silver or gold accents. 
  • Ren’dorei: Purple with silver or gold accents. 
  • Half Elves: Thalassian type clothing or guest formal attire.
  • Guests: Formal attire. 

The event planners recommend Total Roleplay 3, Cross Roleplay, and Elixir of Tongues.

Event Schedule:

  • 6:30: The Gathering
  • 7:00 Introduction & Elegy
  • 7:10: Champions of Our People in the Act of Remembrance
  • 7:30: Honoring our Fallen

Additional information is available on the forum post

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Bren Blazefeather is Editor in Chief of the Wyrmrest Gazette and covers Horde news around Azeroth. Discord: Bren#2939

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