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Shadowlands Prepatch Launches

World of Warcraft–After a half hour delay the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launched with servers coming alive only to shut players out of the game.

For hours players suffered disconnects while trying to retrieve the realm list or pull up their character lists.

After a second maintenance on October 14th the servers seem to be stable and are no longer giving log in errors. Instead players are pestered over out of date video drivers despite using the recommended drivers from their manufacturers.

Shadowlands Prepatch brings us the Shadowlands class updates, some customization options for core races, removes the reputation requirement from Allied Races, and lowers the level cap to level 50.

While there seems to be an increase in players playing the game the World of Warcraft general forums were flooded with disappointed posts about customizations which fell short, especially for Gnomes, Pandaren, Worgen, and Blood Elves. Further complaints were posted about Allied Races which Blizzard has not yet started their customization passes on. 

The much anticipated Zombie Invasion was not immediately activated upon prepatch and some players are disappointed and already bored with the patch. 

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