Stand With Honor

The guild Stand With Honor is a Social-PVE guild on the Horde side of Wyrmrest Accord. 

We sat down with Tarnilaonar to find out more about their guild. 

BB: Why did you create your guild? 

Tarnilaonar: This is a long story, but I will summarize. I was in another guild that ended up dying when the guild leaders split. A few of the members joined me when I started this guild to keep people together so we could continue raiding. I prefer a guild that feels like a home with familiar faces, so I do what I can to keep people together. When I recruit, my hope is that new members will stay and become part of the family.   

BB: Why did you choose Wyrmrest Accord? 

Tarnilaonar: The server is active, even on non-raiding days. I like the community here

BB: What kind of activities does your guild do on a regular basis?

Tarnilaonar: Casual raids, old content for achievements, transmogs, etc.

BB: What is your guild’s atmosphere like?

Tarnilaonar: Friendly and helpful.

BB: What size is your guild currently? 

Tarnilaonar: Right now, before the new expansion we typically have 5-15 people on at once during the active times of the day. Including casual players and those gone until the expansion, we have close to 100 members.

BB: What kind of personalities do you want for your guild?

Tarnilaonar: Friendly and loyal people who want to grow with the guild, those who are tired of joining guilds that die and just want somewhere to call home.  We’re also hoping to recruit more people who want to attend guild events and who will help with small tasks such as recruiting and helping fellow members.

BB: How long has your guild been around?

Tarnilaonar: The guild in its current form has been around since Pandaria.

BB: Do people welcome people who aren’t in your guild to participate in your guild’s activities?

Tarnilaonar: It depends on the activity. We always put our own guildmates first and try to do guild-only activities. Think of it as a way of rewarding members for showing up each week.  For example, we try to do guild-only raids to help our guildmates gear up. However, we’re not against doing activities with other players, and in the past have invited outside players to our events.

BB: What times of day are you most active? 

Tarnilaonar: Usually in the afternoons and evenings.

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Bren Blazefeather
Bren Blazefeather is Editor in Chief of the Wyrmrest Gazette and covers Horde news around Azeroth. Discord: Bren#2939

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