Swords for Everyone

Swords for Everyone and Swords for Everyone Else are active Alliance guilds on both WrA and MG. You can find more about them on their website  and their forum post. They also have a Horde alt chapter.

Bren Blazefeather sat down with Dangerjosh to get information on his guild. 

BB: Why did you create your guild?

Dangerjosh: This guild was created to be a home for gamers with social anxiety (and similar issues). Anxiety can hold gamers back from experiencing all of the fun aspects of the game, and we want to be a place where one can grow to experience all they want at their own pace. There is no pressure to speak in voice comms, for example.

BB: Why did you choose Wyrmrest Accord?

Dangerjosh: WrA seemed to be one of the last servers with a “community” feel to it, even for those of us that prefer to skirt the public eye.

BB: What kind of activities does your guild do on a regular basis?

Dangerjosh: We have a progression raid team that raids normal/heroic, M+ groups run pretty frequently even during this pre-expansion lull, I like to start random PvP groups, monthly guild “meetings” which are more silly/fun in-game events like lawn darts and hide ‘n’ seek, movie nights, and an active Discord scrolling oddball humor day and night.

BB: What is your guild’s atmosphere like?

Dangerjosh: We are a very welcoming, understanding, friendly, and open guild. We all deal with the anxiety struggle differently, but at the same time we can empathize with what you are going through. Goofy. Very, very goofy.

BB: What size is your guild currently?

Dangerjosh: Currently online we have 39…it will be easier to answer this once Azeroth’s sky shatters and we enter the Shadowlands together!

BB: What kind of personalities do you want for your guild?

Dangerjosh: We just want people who are understanding and looking to have fun playing games. Never tell yourself your anxiety will keep you from enjoying all WoW has, or you are too introverted or anything like that to participate in a guild. You just haven’t found us yet  🙂

BB: How long has your guild been around?

Dangerjosh: Since 4/13/12! We were originally Horde, and still have the Horde guild, but are active on Alliance now.

BB: Do people welcome people who aren’t in your guild to participate in your guild’s activities?

Dangerjosh: It’s been some time since we had non-guildies in our guild events, but the unscheduled stuff like M+ groups pull in friends out of guild/off server often!

BB: What times of day are you most active?

Dangerjosh: Right now, during the lull, it’s afternoons and evenings daily…once SL hits that will expand greatly!

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