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Wyrmrest Accord Realm Forums

The Wyrmrest Accord Realm Forums are the official Blizzard Entertainment Forum for the Wyrmrest Accord server. 

This is a good place to advertise events and guilds. 

Unfortunately, according to users on the forums themselves, the moderation staff on the official Blizzard forums has a history of banning users for making comments in support of LGBT people and things like Black Lives Matter. They also have a tendency to allow bad behavior to go unchecked. This makes the forums not a good place to socialize but there’s no harm in sharing information there. 

Adie Azurewrathhttp://www.wyrmrestaccord.net
Adie Azurewrath is the Alliance correspondent of the Wyrmrest Gazette. Feel free to send him in game mail with tips on events and other goings on around town that might be interesting.

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