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Wyrmrest Gathers for The House on Raven Hill

HEARTHGLEN, Eastern Kingdoms—The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe hosted their 7th anniversary show “House on Raven Hill.”

A large crowd from both factions of Wyrmrest Accord gathered to watch the show. Players came from other servers including Moon Guard and non-RP servers like Zul’jin. 

The evening began with a pre-show while people gathered. Colorful lights and smoke covered the stage as the Troupe entertained the crowd.

Then the Troupe Director Atos collected participants for a costume contest and the winner was Sträuss from Moon Guard.

After the costume contest the show began and people learned the story of the House on Raven Hill and the creepy doll which haunted the protagonist of the story.

Once the stage traffic finished the troupe and audience put on a firework show.

You can learn more about the event on their forum post.

TTT is currently recruiting new talent.

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Bren Blazefeather is Editor in Chief of the Wyrmrest Gazette and covers Horde news around Azeroth. Discord: Bren#2939

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