Nightshade Coven


The guild Nightshade Coven is a RP guild on horde side of Wyrmrest Accord.

We sat down with Lanadelle Vistra to learn more about their guild.

A: What is the name of your guild? 

Lanadelle Vistra:  Nightshade Coven

A: What’s a url to your guild website/forum post/etc?

Lanadelle Vistra:  We don’t have one yet!

A: Why did you create your guild? 

Lanadelle Vistra:  I always wanted to RP a character that was on the darker side. Not necessarily a villain, but a character that would allow me as a writer to explore occult and dark themes. The concept behind Nightshade Coven is to be a home for characters who are interested in delving into the occult or hone in on their craft in a setting very much similar to a coven in real life.

A: Why did you choose Wyrmrest Accord? 

Lanadelle Vistra:  I’ve been on Wyrmrest Accord since it first launched in 2008. It was my first experience into RP, and I called the server home since!

A: What kind of activities does your guild do on a regular basis?

Lanadelle Vistra:  The guild literally started up on Halloween, but I’m looking to host regular rituals around the phases of the moon, workshops, and write out campaigns for our characters to delve in.

A: What is your guild’s atmosphere like?

Lanadelle Vistra:  I’m looking forward to making it a very laid-back place.

A: What size is your guild currently? 

Lanadelle Vistra:  Super small, like, charter just signed small, lol

A: What kind of personalities do you want for your guild?

Lanadelle Vistra:  Curious, intellectual, off-collar, peculiar, oddballs, etc. Essentially the goth kids and nerds at the lunch table.

A: How long has your guild been around?

Lanadelle Vistra:  It started on Halloween 2020, so literally a few days old.

A: Do people welcome people who aren’t in your guild to participate in your guild’s activities?

Lanadelle Vistra:  Of course!

A: What times of day are you most active? 

Lanadelle Vistra:  Usually toward the evenings.