The Gentlemen Of Fortune



The guild  The Gentlemen of Fortune is a RP guild on the Horde side of Wyrmrest Accord. 

We sat down with CJ Lockheart to find out more about their guild.

A: Why did you create your guild?

CJ Lockheart:  I’m an officer but I’m the main recruiter. The guild was started as a criminal enterprise to bring back criminal elements. People need a good antagonist to keep things fresh and something to fight against other than the usual stand and stare or casual bar conversation.

A: Why did you choose Wyrmrest Accord? 

CJ Lockheart: I personally have been here since server open back in Wrath. I was originally on Maelstrom which is PVPRP. Back then there were free transfers and Maelstrom was so full there as often a wait time to get into the server. My then guild all transferred to WRA. I stayed behind but after a few days I made CJ on the server as the daughter of my old main and the RP kept me coming back.

A: What kind of activities does your guild do on a regular basis?

CJ Lockheart:  Essentially walk up criminal activities like trying to rob people running through Murder Row. Thus far, most of the targets praise how much fun they’ve had. IF a fight does break out, we gather everyone in raid and it’s an organized /roll 20 fight. 

A: What is your guild’s atmosphere like?

CJ Lockheart: We’re a pretty chill guild. Drama is not allowed, acceptable or otherwise. Got a problem? Come to an officer and we’ll handle it. Thus far no issues. Mixing IC and OOC will get you kicked real quick. We don’t play that game. What happens IC stays IC. You can be a nasty antagonist IC and be totally cool with the target OOC.

A: What size is your guild currently? 

CJ Lockheart: Seven at the moment being that we are a brand new guild and I’m working on growing said guild.

A: How long has your guild been around?

CJ Lockheart: Only a couple of weeks.

A: Do people welcome people who aren’t in your guild to participate in your guild’s activities?

CJ Lockheart: Oh absolutely. We’ve got a few allies already.

A: What times of day are you most active? 

CJ Lockheart: Usually in the evening.  It really depends on work/life schedules per person.

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