The Shadow Horde


The Shadow Horde is a PvE and PVP Horde guild on Wyrmrest Accord.

We sat down with Alohalani to find out more about their guild. 

A: Why did you create your guild?

Alohalani: I was co-founder of this guild when it was created. The guild was founded by one of my Best Friends. We were both in the Army together serving as (11b)Infantrymen in Afghanistan in 2016. His name was Milton. While we were on patrol in southern Afghanistan near a town. We were ambushed after hitting a roadside bomb.  During our firefight Milton was hit, I wasn’t able to do much other than return fire and attempt to suppress our threat so our medics could move up and asses casualties.

After the battle was over I was able to reunite with my friend before he died from his injuries, but I was there with him so he wasn’t alone. He had the idea to create this guild to foster friendships on world of Warcraft. It started out as a Roleplaying guild, it went inactive around 2013 and sat dormant. In March of 2020 I revived the guild to continue the idea of fostering friendship. I decided I wanted to dedicate my wow game time to making friends, and having fun.

Since March we have grown from 1 to over 700. I have so many amazing people. My goal to create a guild centered around Fun before content has been very successful. I hope to continue into the future and keep the dream alive.  I think Milton would be happy with what we have done with his guild.

A: Why did you choose Wyrmrest Accord? 

Alohalani: I returned to Wyrmrest Accord after many years away for the laid back and friendly players I often meet on the server. It was my home for a short time in WOTLK, but I left to chase server first kills with a guild on Tichondrius. I returned to rebuild my old guild

A: What kind of activities does your guild do on a regular basis?

Alohalani: We do Premade PvP, Mythic +, Mythic Raid, and Raffles/Transmog runs.

A: What is your guild’s atmosphere like?

Alohalani: Casual, Laid back, and mostly social. Helpful for new and old players alike.

A: What size is your guild currently? 

Alohalani: 700~ players.

A: What kind of personalities do you want for your guild?

Alohalani: We don’t seek one type of person. We welcome everyone interested in finding a new home, or someone looking to make some new friends. We accept people wanting to Raid/PvP or Roleplay as well.

A: How long has your guild been around?

Alohalani: I forget the exact dates but originally 2009.

A: Do people welcome people who aren’t in your guild to participate in your guild’s activities?

Alohalani: Yes we haven’t done too many server wide things yet but I have a few events I would like to do to build some report with other guilds, and people on the server. We will likely host a raffle sometime in the near future. All horde players are welcome to come and stomp PvP with us as well.

A: What times of day are you most active? 

Alohalani: We are most active on the weekends from 0900 to 2200. We have active weekdays from 1000 to about 2300. Depends on the day but we have a good spread. We have a night crew as well, along with a night time admin. Discord is active all the time with memes and other things.

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