Thunderstorm Nation


The guild Thunderstorm Nation is a RP guild on horde side of Wyrmrest Accord.

We sat down with Khydhe to learn more about their guild.

A: What is the name of your guild?

Khydhe: Thunderstorm Nation

A:  What’s a url to your guild website/forum post/etc?

Khydhe: Discord:

A: Around what times and days do you roleplay?

Khydhe: We have events weekly in the evenings, each starts with a brief initiation ceremony for those who have recently joined, but casually just about every day at varied times.

A: What is the genre of your guild?


A: Can you give me a brief rundown of your guild story?

Khydhe: Created from the remains of the Order of the Rising Sun, Khydhe Thunderstorm decided it was time to rebuild his father’s tribe under a new concept: to admit any and all who wished to join and serve a noble cause.

A: What kind of roleplay does your guild do?

Khydhe: We try to keep variety. Sometimes it’s social gatherings, others we go out and explore, on events we follow a custom tabletop-like system.

A: How often do you roleplay?

Khydhe: Almost every day.

A: Do you do events?

Khydhe: Weekly, for now, with plans for more.

A: Do you do casual roleplay between events?

Khydhe: Yes. We meet and talk at our farm, tell stories and joke around.

A: What kind of players are you looking for in your guild?

Khydhe: Any with the desire to join in and whose character fits with our theme. And even if not, we can make it work.

A: Are there any special requirements for joining your guild?

Khydhe: Any RP addons are ideal, but not mandatory, other than that just asking.

A: How long has your guild been around?

Khydhe: It was created under a different name around 2013 and most of the founders follow the continuity from that. The name was changed to Thunderstorm Nation on 10/9/2020

A: Do you do any other types of gameplay besides roleplay or are you strictly a roleplay guild?

Khydhe: As for now, RP is the focus, though we intend to expand to running dungeons/raids/pvp.