About Us

The Wyrmrest Gazette was established in October 2020 by Bren Blazefeather and Adie Azurewrath.

Our mission is simple—To bring event oriented news to the players of Wyrmrest Accord US from a neutral standpoint.

Our desire is to create a legitimate news site using Associated Press values, principles, and writing style.

All events covered on this site were previously announced to the public through outlets available to all players such as the realm forums, public discords, the server reddit, etc. Our job is to aggregate them all into one space.

We are not a tabloid and will never publish stories about your character without your permission.

About Us:

Bren Blazefeather

Bren Blazefeather: Editor in Chief

Bren Blazefeather was the second son of Maridel and Valthar Blazefeather. He attended the Thalassian Royal Academy in Silvermoon where he studied Journalism. After his education he joined the Farstriders as a ranger. To fulfill his desires to be a journalist as a full-time job, Bren started the Wyrmrest Gazette (simply called The Gazette IC).

In Real Life Bren Blazefeather served as an editor of his college newspaper for a semester where he learned AP writing and journalistic ethics.


Adie Azurewrath: Editor

Adie Azurewrath

Adie Azurewrath attended the Thalassian Royal Academy in Silvermoon with Bren Brightfeather and took a journalism class. Adie has since joined the Alliance as a Ren’dorei. He is the Alliance Editor and head Alliance correspondent and contact person for the Gazette.

Bren and Adie share a mun.




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